Corinth, MS: The Crossroads of the Confederacy

I know I’m lucky.  I get the opportunity to travel all over this country and see all it has to offer.  And,  in my humble opinion, you just can’t beat the Southeast! This region really has something for everyone: beautiful beaches, gorgeous natural settings, all types of art and culture, fine dining and accommodations, and more history than in any other area of America.

corinth 5The Southeast is an especially popular destination for Civil War buffs, and if you fall into that category, or even if you’re just curious about this critical time in our nation’s history, then Corinth, Mississippi needs to be on your next itinerary.

Established in 1853, Corinth was a crossroads town for two major railroad lines, the Mobile & Ohio, and the Memphis & Charleston. Because of this, it was extremely important to both the North and the South. As a matter of fact, the Confederates were convinced that if they lost Corinth, with its critical railroad junction and access to the vital Mississippi Valley, they would ultimately lose the war. Eventually, after some brutal fighting, the North gained control of the area, and many historians believe that it did indeed play a big part in the Confederacy losing the war.

corinthYou can learn all about this fascinating time in our history at the Civil War Interpretive Center, which is a part of the Shiloh National Military Park. Plan to spend a few hours here, because even though it’s not a huge complex, there’s a lot to take in, starting with the fascinating replicas embedded in and around the walkway as you make your way to the center. The items look like personal belongings the soldiers could have left behind during a battle, and include guns, broken swords, knives, letters, clothing, etc. It is a wonderful and moving way to begin your journey to the Battle of Corinth!

Once inside, there’s a nice museum, numerous interactive displays, and some very interesting and informative movies. One of the Center’s highlights is an impressive water sculpture which symbolically depicts 100 years of American history. There’s also an auditorium, a research library and a nice gift shop.

corinth3After visiting the Center, head over to the nearby Corinth Contraband Camp. I do suggest visiting the center first because they have a section which highlights contraband camps. The camp was set up to house the emancipated slaves who fled the plantations seeking the safety of Corinth, which was in Union hands. The slaves were used mostly as laborers and occasionally, soldiers. Today the camp is a quiet walking area with beautiful bronze statues depicting their way of life.

There are several other sites to see in Corinth which will surely interest and move you, whether you’re a Civil War buff or just a proud American!

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